Management appointments at Snecma

Courcouronnes, France, February 5, 2015.

Snecma (Safran) announced several management appointments, effective on February 2, 2015:

  • François Planaud has been named Executive Vice President, Services,
  • Cédric Goubet has been named Executive Vice President, Commercial Engines,
  • François Bastin has been named CFM Programs Director at Snecma, and, Executive Vice President of CFM International*.   


François Planaud

François Planaud, 53, graduated from the École Centrale de Paris engineering school, and joined Snecma in 1987 as an engineer in Information Systems. Three years later, he was named head of the CFM56 assembly line. He subsequently held different management positions, mainly for commercial engines, enabling him to develop recognized technical, industrial and commercial expertise. From 2003 to 2007, he was CFM Programs Director at Snecma and Executive Vice President of CFM International. He was then named Snecma Executive Vice President, Commercial Engines, until this latest appointment.





Cédric Goubet

Cédric Goubet 43, holds a political science degree from Paris IEP (Institut d'Études Politiques) and a master's degree in international economics from Paris Dauphine University. He also attended ENA (École Nationale d'Administration), the leading school for French senior civil servants. Prior to joining Safran, Cédric Goubet worked for the French ministries of the interior, economy, industry and finance, including policies implementation designed to support industrial investment. In 2004, he was appointed advisor to the French ministers of the interior and the economy. In May 2007, he was named chief of staff for French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a position he held until joining Safran in September 2010 as deputy to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations. From 2011 until this latest appointment, he was Executive Vice President of CFM International.




François Bastin

François Bastin 43, graduated from École Normale Supérieure, holds a PhD. in Energetics from Ecole Centrale Paris, and completed his post-doctoral studies at Stanford University in California. He joined Snecma's industrial division in 1997, participating in the design of combustors, nozzles and exhaust assemblies. He then headed the department in charge of aircraft performance and preliminary engine design. In 2004, he moved to the production division, where he conducted the improvement plan at the Gennevilliers plant. He was then placed in charge of the forge unit, subsequently taking responsibility for Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma projects at the division. From July 2009 until this latest appointment, he was LEAP Programs Director for Snecma.

* CFM International is a 50/50 joint company between Snecma (Safran), France and GE of the United States.   

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