Honolulu PD Facial Recognition System Expands for Statewide Use

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Alexandria, Virginie, USA le 28 janvier 2015

MorphoTrak, a Morpho (Safran) company based in the U.S., is pleased to announce that after only a year in operation, access to Hawaii's MorphoFace Investigate mugshot system is being expanded to all counties in the State. Hosted and maintained by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center in Honolulu, the MorphoFace Investigate system provides fast and accurate facial searches, based on photos and videos.

"Building on the partnership with the Honolulu Police Department, our largest local law enforcement agency, the State is expanding access to all counties in the State of Hawaii," said Liane Moriyama, Administrator of the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, Department of the Attorney General.

The database contains more than 450,000 photos with known identities. The MorphoFace Investigate system is able to link a crime to a suspect by matching facial images, as well as link different crimes by matching similar facial images. The system can also be used to search for missing and wanted persons when a photo is available.

MorphoFace Investigate has enabled the Honolulu Police Department to identify previously unknown criminal suspects and, homicide victims, as well as provide other critical investigative intelligence. It has also proven useful in analyzing image frames from video and CCT to resolve identity theft cases.

The accuracy of Morpho's facial recognition algorithms has been crucial to the use of this technology by Hawaii even with low resolution poor quality imagery. Morpho's algorithms scored in the top tier in recent NIST tests which evaluate features significant to real world applications, including identification accuracy from a variety of image sources. 

"Honolulu Police Department's successful use and statewide expansion is a tribute to their advanced work with this important technology," commented Celeste Thomasson, President and CEO of MorphoTrak. "Our focused investment in this area will continue to bring real benefits to our many customers and the citizens they protect.


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