Technical jobs: we're recruiting virtuosos

Drawing on their professionalism, dexterity and excellence, our technical craftsmen play a key role in the performance and quality of our high-tech products and solutions. You can join our technicians and operators, and share the passion for their professions that motivates them on a daily basis. Come work for Safran, a global leader in the growth sectors of aerospace, defense and security.


Four questions for Jean-Luc Bérard

Jean-Luc Bérard, Vice President, Human Resources

Jean-Luc Bérard, Directeur des Ressources humaines

What role do the technical professions play at Safran?
At Safran, those professions have a key role! They are responsible for turning out perfectly-made parts for the Group's flagship products, such as turbine blades for the CFM56 (the highest-selling aircraft engine in the world) or nacelles for the A380. They are highly proficient in our cutting-edge processes and constantly strive to improve them. These are the professions of the future, because tomorrow they will produce the key parts in the major programs currently being rolled out, including the LEAP engine and engines for the Ariane launcher or the more electric aircraft.

Why do you call them "the professions of the future"?
Because these professions have vital know-how and expertise that the Group has needed for over 100 years and will still be needing decades from now. For job seekers, working in a technical profession at Safran is their passport to a career in such fast-growing sectors as aviation, space and security. It's also a guarantee that they'll be working in a very high-tech environment, in contact with the most advanced processes in the industry. In this propitious environment, everyone has what it takes to build their own career path.

What is a typical day's work like in a technical job?
They are manual, shop-floor jobs that call for a certain virtuosity when a technician is producing high-tech parts or using sophisticated machines and tools. Safran technicians and operators also bring their expertise into play when they carry out high-performance manufacturing processes. They are in perfect control from beginning to end. They suggest practical ways to improve them. At the same time, our ergonomists and cobotics experts are constantly trying to reduce the physical strain on the operators at certain production workstations, and improve the working environment.

What are the advantages of working at Safran?
When they join Safran, operators and technicians know for sure that developing their skills is one of the Group's priorities. Their managers and the human resources teams use dedicated tools to continually guide and support their development. Technical and line-of-business training courses run by our training organization, Safran University, are available to help develop their expertise.


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Are you dynamic, with manual dexterity and passionate about a job well done? Think about working for Safran, where we're recruiting virtuosos!

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Technical professions at Safran 

  • Manual machining and fitting
  • Autoclave operation
  • Wiring
  • Sheetmetal work
  • Automatic draping machine operator
  • Industrial vehicle operator
  • Quality inspection during production
  • Mold release
  • Troubleshooting/repairs
  • Draping
  • Electronics
  • Testing
  • Film covering
  • Foundry
  • Forge
  • Forming, draping, injection
  • Maintenance
  • Assembly
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Non-destructive testing, etc.
  • Composite part repair
  • Sand blasting
  • Welding
  • Production support
  • Surface treatment
  • Heat treatment
  • Numerical command machining, etc.

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