Safran a partner in Capgemini's SuperTechies Show final

Organized by Capgemini, the SuperTechies Show is a TV show produced in India and broadcast worldwide, in which top students and young engineers from around the world test their skills in meeting technology challenges set by major corporations. The subject for the 2014 final was proposed by Morpho (Safran).
Safran en finale du SuperTechies Show

Safran, a world leader in biometric identification systems via Morpho, its security specialist, was asked by Capgemini to set the challenge for the international final of its SuperTechies Show. "SuperTechies is a mixture of a game show and a reality show," explains Emmanuel Lochon, Vice President, Digital & Advertising at Capgemini, the organizer. "It's a yearly contest that asks teams of students or young engineers to meet technology challenges. The subjects concern issues related to the use of digital technologies. For the final of this third annual challenge, we called on Morpho, a Safran company with a broad presence in India. And Sanjeev Shriya, CEO of Smart Chip, an Indian subsidiary of Morpho, was on the jury." 

Media buzz 

The challenge, offering 25,000 dollars in prizes, is organized in ten rounds (six qualification, three semi-finals and a final), all filmed live! Working under the bright lights, students and engineers have to come up with the best solution to a problem submitted by a company. In the fall of 2014, for instance, the first show saw a French team face off against an Indian team, addressing a challenge defined by The New York Times. Their assigned subject was: "How can you use the extensive data collected by the newspaper to improve sales forecasts, and thus enhance sales of its advertising space? Given the subject a few weeks before the show, teams can prepare their solution with the help of a mentor, a Capgemini expert in this field. The ten rounds are broadcast each Sunday during prime time on the Indian business channel ETNow, a partner in the game. "The technical benefits of the proposals are extensively discussed during each show, and also relayed via social networks, including Facebook and Twitter," says Emmanuel Lochon. "The public and other competitors can also speak up, and even talk with specialists and company execs. The idea is to reach the widest possible audience, and especially young persons." 

Attracting top talent 

The Capgemini SuperTechies Show is increasingly successful, and attracted some 20,000 candidates from around the world this year. "The international context is important," notes Emmanuel Lochon. "In addition to the solutions provided by students, each challenge allows the partner companies to enhance their image and single themselves out among the young, especially in India, where competition for talent is fierce, so they can attract the top people." 

The 2014 final, which took place in Chantilly, near Paris, was broadcast on November 30. It can be seen on the show website. The three finalists, all Indian (it was the O-T-B Thinkers team that won this year), faced off on a subject proposed by Morpho: "How can you use biometric solutions to accelerate electronic exchanges and secure transactions in India and in developing countries?" This was an ideal opportunity for Morpho, a major partner in the largest biometric ID program in the world, the Aadhaar program in India, to enhance its reputation in the eyes of the country's students and engineers.

* C'est l'équipe O-T-B Thinkers qui a remporté la victoire de cette édition

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