Safran renews commitment to the hiring and continued employment of disabled persons

Paris, December 12, 2014

Safran has signed a new agreement with the unions CFDT, CFE-CGC and CGT-FO to support the hiring and continued employment of disabled persons.

Covering the three-year period 2015-2017, this latest agreement will enable Safran to continue and expand its measures in favor of the hiring, support and continued employment of disabled persons.

For example, this new agreement allows Safran to confirm the five major thrusts of the previous agreement: a proactive plan to hire at least 90 disabled employees; continued employment and support for career development; integration via training, including a commitment to welcome at least 88 persons in work-study programs and 83 interns; ongoing collaboration with sheltered workshops and adapted enterprises*; and the deployment of in-house communications actions to raise the awareness of Safran employees.

One of the top priorities in this new agreement is to maintain the employment of disabled persons, in particular via the creation of dedicated teams at each facility. Furthermore, Safran pledges to hire more employees (both fixed-term and permanent contracts) than provided for in the previous agreement, increasing the number of new hires by about 25%.

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Along with the five thrusts in the previous agreement, the 2015-2017 agreement will apply measures to improve accessibility, the situation of Safran employees who are caretakers, and employees who have developed projects to help disabled workers.

"This new agreement reflects our strong commitment to corporate citizenship and diversity, and also shows Safran's proactive engagement against all forms of discrimination," said Jean-Luc Bérard, Safran Vice President, Human Resources. "We are actively working to hire and maintain the employment of disabled persons. It is the duty of our company, which plays a broader role in society. And it also reflects our determination not to miss out on the wealth of human diversity."

Safran now has more than 1,700 disabled employees in France, and provides training for about 70 interns and students in work-study programs every year. In 2013, 4.5% of Safran's employees were disabled.

* Sheltered workshops, also called work centers or social enterprises, allow people with heavy disabilities to perform jobs under appropriate conditions. They are distinguished from adapted enterprises, which are part of the commercial sector and have a workforce including at least 80% disabled employees (in France).

Safran is a leading international high-technology group with three core businesses: Aerospace (propulsion and equipment), Defence and Security. Operating worldwide, the Group has 66,300 employees and generated sales of 14.7 billion euros in 2013*. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets. The Group invests heavily in Research & Development to meet the requirements of changing markets, including expenditures of 1.8 billion Euros in 2013. Safran is listed on Euronext Paris and is part of the CAC40 index. 
* Sales in 2013 restated for the impacts of IFRS11 amounted to 14.4 billion euros. 
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Partner to the world's major engine manufacturers, Techspace Aero designs, develops and produces modules, equipment and test benches for aeronautical and space engines. Thanks to its high-tech products, Techspace Aero contributes to the success of Airbus (A320, A330, A340, A380, A400M), Boeing (B737, B747, B767, B777, B787), Embraer (190) and many other aircraft. A SAFRAN Group company (F- 56% of capital), Techspace Aero's other shareholders are the Walloon Region (B- 31 %), Pratt & Whitney (USA-11%) and the Federal Investment Company (B-2%). The company achieved turnover of EUR 337 million in 2008, 99.7% of which was for the export market, with a 1,250 strong workforce.

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