Safran Campus, the Group’s cultural melting pot

Inaugurated in early September, Safran Campus has already welcomed close to 5,000 employees after being open for just six weeks. We caught up with Yannick Bonnaire, Safran Campus Director, to find out more about this unique place which can only be described as the nerve center of the Group.

What makes Safran Campus so unique for the Group?

Yannick Bonnaire, Directeur du Campus Safran

Safran Campus provides a driving force for change, helping the Group to pave the way for its future. What makes it so unique is that we welcome all employees, regardless of their level. 
Safran Campus comprises four structures – the university, auditorium, Safran center and hotel – for welcoming employees undergoing training and playing host to Group and company events such as seminars, conventions and conferences with customers or external speakers. It is a fantastic place for meeting people, engaging in discussions and sharing knowledge as well as best practices. It also enables employees to enhance their sense of belonging to the Group. This explains why Safran Campus has been chosen as the platform from which our leadership model is rolled out. 




What training courses are on offer and how do they benefit Safran employees? 

The training program focuses on two main areas. The first area concerns profession-specific skills, with training programs covering fields such as R&D, industry, business and SWP*as well as cutting-edge topics like the "more electric" aircraft. In addition, training courses that bridge gaps have been introduced with a view to consolidating employability. As such, they enable employees to try their hand at working in new business sectors. The second area, which is dedicated to management, aims to nurture employees' leadership skills in line with the Group's DNA and organizational culture. Its programs aim to ensure sustained performance by consolidating essential behaviors, such as getting everyone behind a shared vision, winning as a team, empowering everyone and taking the initiative, being daring and innovating. 

Le Campus Safran, le creuset culturel du Groupe

How do managers get involved in rolling out Safran's leadership model?  

In addition to training courses for management teams, we have set up "Thursday with an executive". Every week, a member of the Executive Committee spends a day at Safran Campus to speak at one of the training sessions taking place there. Spending an hour with each group, the executive shares their experience in connection with the training, and spends time discussing with and listening to the participants. Such exchanges help to build a trust-based relationship that is beneficial to everyone. Indeed, the executives learn from the participants' experiences, and, in return, the participants feel valued and included. This kind of approach gets everyone involved, engenders leadership and demonstrates exemplarity, which is something we like to advocate here at Safran. The "Thursday with an executive" initiative is currently in its 6th week and all of next year's sessions have already been planned out! 

* Strategic workforce planning

Le Campus Safran, le creuset culturel du Groupe


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