Morpho Detection Awarded Frankfurt Airport Contract for Desktop Trace Detectors

HAMBURG, Germany – November 4, 2014 – Morpho (Safran), through its subsidiaryMorpho Detection, today announced a contract with Fraport AG, the owner and manager of Frankfurt Airport, for 45 Itemiser® DX explosives trace detectors (ETD).

Under terms of the contract, all systems will be deployed to Frankfurt Airport this year as a result of new EU legislation for explosives screening of personnel, materials and concessions entering secure areas of airports. A lightweight, portable desktop system, Itemiser DX can detect traces from explosives on skin, clothing, carried items, bags, vehicles and other surfaces.

"Morpho Detection commends Frankfurt for joining a growing number of leading global airports utilizing Itemiser DX to screen for explosives," said Cyril Dujardin, president and CEO, Morpho Detection International. "Itemiser DX is another example of Morpho's commitment to helping our customers meet current and emerging security challenges and mandates by deploying advanced detection technologies."

Working closely with local partner ELP GmbH, Itemiser DX was selected by Fraport following competitive operational testing for its detection capabilities and Morpho's ability to provide a comprehensive solution including service and consumables. In addition, Itemiser DX uses significantly less energy than current checkpoint configurations and will help Frankfurt Airport further reduce energy consumption.

"We are proud to be the first German airport to change the screening process according to the new EU regulations for personnel. Working with Morpho Detection has allowed us to maintain regulatory compliance while enhancing our screening capabilities without impacting the flow of goods and personnel," said Markus Volnhals, project manager at Fraport AG..

First introduced in 2009 and currently certified by seven global regulatory agencies, more than 5,000 Itemiser DX units have been deployed to airport checkpoints, checked baggage and air cargo screening facilities, critical infrastructure and secure locations around the world.

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À propos de Morpho 
Morpho, filiale de Safran, est le leader mondial sur le marché de la sécurité. La société emploie plus de 8 400 personnes dans 40 pays et a généré en 2013 un chiffre d'affaires de 1,5 milliard d'euros. L'expertise unique de Morpho réside dans sa capacité à fournir des solutions de sécurité pour les marchés suivants : systèmes d'identification civile, sécurité publique, protection des infrastructures sensibles et des transports, solutions dédiées aux entreprises. Morpho est le leader mondial des systèmes automatisés d'identification biométrique, des documents d'identité biométriques et des systèmes de détection d'explosifs (SDE). Morpho est également l'un des principaux fournisseurs de cartes à puce, de cartes SIM, d'équipements de détection de traces et de terminaux de jeux. Avec des systèmes déployés dans plus de 100 pays, les solutions de Morpho sécurisent et facilitent la vie des personnes dans le monde entier. 

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