Safran on board Lab’line for the Future

Lab’line for the Future is an Air France program deployed on its Toulouse/Paris-Orly route to showcase innovations serving sustainable development. As a partner in the operation, Safran took part in the inauguration of biofuel-powered flights on October 21st. One flight a week on this route will be powered by biofuel until September 2015.
Safran à bord de Lab’line for the Future

The plane flying the Air France route, using biofuel made from sugar cane (10% added to standard kerosene), is fitted with FM56 engines designed, produced and developed by CFM International, a 50/50 joint venture between Snecma (Safran) and GE. This regular biofuel-powered flight follows on from the demonstration organized at the 2013 Paris Air Show as part of the Joining our energies/biofuel Initiative France program, in which Safran is a partner. Through this flight, Safran and its partners, Air France and Total, underline their ongoing commitment to sustainable fuels and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Safran develops engines that consume less fuel, including the LEAP engine which will reduce fuel consumption by 15% compared to its predecessor, the CFM56. Moreover, as part of the European Clean Sky program, Safran is conducting research to develop an "Open Rotor" engine which will reduce fuel consumption per passenger by around 30 to 40% (depending on plane architectures and missions).

Safran à bord de Lab’line for the Future

Above and beyond the progress made possible through technological innovations, Safran is actively involved in research initiatives and experiments (ground-based and in-flight) concerning biofuels that could be used to contribute to sustainable air transport. This research is being conducted with various partners: aircraft manufacturers, airline companies, producers of plant-based resources or biofuels, laboratories, research institutes and government authorities.

As part of the Lab'line for the Future program, Safran will take part in workshops throughout the year in order to test, develop and promote new products and/or services linked to sustainable development.

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