Safran: an all-out commitment to diversity

The Women in Industry Awards ceremony, held on September 17, recognized two Safran employees: Fabienne Lacorre, Senior Vice President, Engineering at Snecma, who won the R&D Woman award, and Aurore Ferrant, Rocket Motor Test and Integration Department Manager at Herakles, who was named Most Promising Newcomer. Against this backdrop, Hélène Moreau-Leroy, Chairman and CEO of Hispano-Suiza (Safran), shares her insights on Safran's commitment to women's career development.

Today, women account for 25% of Safran's total workforce, and 34% of new hires in 2013, while women only make up 17% of students in engineering schools. Above all, gender equality in a group like ours ensures a diversity of profiles and viewpoints, which are key factors in creativity.

Spotlight on women's skills
Safran has long been a partner in Elles bougent ("Women on the Move"), an association founded to encourage female high school and college students to choose engineering and technical careers. Safran once again took part in a number of awareness-raising actions with this association in 2013. Another recent initiative was Safran's renewal in 2013 of its partnership with the Women's Forum: some 20 women from the Group took part in the discussions and conferences on today's main economic and societal challenges. As a partner in the Women in Industry Awards, Safran continues to demonstrate its proactive approach to developing women's careers. These awards clearly show that industry in general, and Safran in particular, is ready to offer women exciting and diversified career opportunities and recognize their skills and achievements.

Innovation, a strategic priority
We decided to sponsor the Women in Industry award category, "Innovating Women", because research and innovation is obviously a top priority in a high-tech enterprise like Safran. The Group is headed for strong growth in the next ten years in very competitive markets, which means that all employees have to show unflagging creativity, imagination and inventiveness. Whether working on aircraft or rocket engines, landing gear or explosive detection systems, research and innovation are keys to future success. The creativity, skills and enthusiasm of Safran's employees are a fundamental asset. We hope these two latest awards will encourage Safran's women to continue along this path. For us, it's also an excellent opportunity to show women that they are full-fledged members of the engineering community and its goal of technological innovation.

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