A win-win apprenticeship scheme

For one year now, Safran has been actively implementing an innovative shared apprenticeship program. The initiative promotes training and professional integration, meeting the needs of the entire aerospace sector.

Spurred on by GIFAS* and in collaboration with major industry players (Airbus, Thales, Dassault Aviation and Sogerma), Safran set up the shared apprenticeship program (SAP) in February 2013. The scheme enables young people to carry out their program within a Group company and spend part of their time with one of the company's suppliers, generally an SME. "The bar has been set high. Three hundred shared apprenticeship programs should be set up in all of the aerospace sectors, including one hundred at Safran," says Najet Zammou, "Apprenticeship and International Campus Relations" Project Manager, working within the Group's HR Department.

Encouraging employment

The SAP benefits everyone involved: apprentices are able to broaden their experiences, and double their chances of getting a first job, SMEs have access to a breeding ground of top talent and Safran is able to bolster its relations with its suppliers, asserting its societal role to encourage integration. "We play host to and train over 3,000 apprentices every year and not all of them can be recruited," explains Najet Zammou. As regards the smaller companies, they sometimes lack the human and financial resources to integrate apprentices. The SAP provides a solution to both of these problems: Safran takes the strain off SMEs, as it covers the cost of remuneration and sets up the educational projects for apprentices. At the same time, the Group encourages the employability of apprentices by opening up the doors to SMEs."

A bold objective

Open to all levels of study, from vocational high school diploma level to master's level, the program can be tailored to several professions: production, methods, production management and quality, among others. Last year, almost forty apprentices were selected to take part in an SAP at Safran. "In order to meet our objective of playing host to 100 apprentices, we are telling people about the program internally, as well as spreading the word among out suppliers and schools," states Najet Zammou. "Within each of the Group's companies there are HR contacts tasked with raising awareness of the program among other apprentices in the company and offering them the chance to get involved."

* GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales, or the French aerospace trade association ) is a professional federation specialized in studying, developing, creating, marketing and maintaining all aerospace programs and equipment.

The SAP in a nutshell

The SAP is an educational apprenticeship project set up by Safran, a subcontracting SME, the Apprenticeship Training Center and an apprentice. Throughout the duration of their program, apprentices remain the responsibility of Safran, which covers the entire cost of their salaries. Time spent with subcontractors does not exceed 50% of the time dedicated to practical work in their apprenticeship contract (time spent in companies), which can range from one to three years, depending on the type of qualification. During the periods spent with SMEs, apprentices are able to put into practice the methods taught at Safran. This collaborative approach enables the Group and its SME subcontractors to share their expertise and bolster their ties, while consolidating skills in key professions for the future of the aerospace sector.

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