Technofan gets behind Embraer

Last April, Technofan (Safran), the world specialist in high performance ventilation applied to aeronautics, was selected by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer for the new E-Jets E2<sup>*</sup> family of regional aircraft. Bruno Bergoend, Chief Executive Officer of Technofan, tells us more about this commercial success.

Can you present your company to us?

Technofan is a world-class manufacturer of aeronautical ventilation equipment, boasting a 40% market share. Our company incorporates all of the disciplines involved in the development of fans: aerodynamics, acoustics, mechanical engineering, electronics, onboard software, etc. Our customers include aircraft manufacturers, whom we supply with equipment, and airline companies requiring repairs and spare parts.

What are your most recent products?

In recent years, our R&D teams have developed several innovative solutions including variable speed and frequency fans, which use less energy than previous generations of fan, and the Brake Cooling Fan, which reduces the cooling time of brake disks. This technology means that airline companies have to wait less time between landing and the next take-off. On a flight between Paris and Toulouse, for example, this technology represents a saving of one hour a day.

You have just been awarded a new contract with the Brazilian Aircraft manufacturer Embraer. How long have you been working together?

We have been working together for over ten years, especially in business aviation. In 2012, our working relationship took on a new dimension as we were selected to supply all of the ventilation systems for the forthcoming KC-390, Embraer's military transport aircraft. It provided us with an opportunity to showcase our expertise and gain their trust. So as to cope with this rise in activity, we turned our Technofan LLC repair station (Washington, USA) into an industrial production center. Technicians from our head office in Blagnac (France) were sent over to Washington before we set about developing our logistics chain, enabling our suppliers to make deliveries there. This is how we built up our US subsidiary, ensuring greater performance. The Embraer teams greatly appreciated this new organizational structure.

To what extend does this first civil contract with Embraer mark a new stage in the Technofan strategy?

Embraer aims to manufacture 1,700 E-Jet E2 airliners over a 25-year period and has entrusted us with equipment development, standard production and after-sales. This new contract sees us bolster our visibility on the North American market and step up the diversification of our business activities. We are already supplying small fans for GE's engine control units. Our aim is to harness partnerships with other equipment manufacturers and embark on other programs, especially those being led by Boeing. As far as this is concerned, the decision to set up a site in Everett, which is located within the vicinity of the main production centers, was a purely strategic one.

* The Embraer E-Jets E2 is the latest generation of regional aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer. The proposed narrow-body twin-engine jet was showcased at the Paris Air Show in 2013. The first deliveries are expected to be made in 2018.

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