Turbomeca optimizes its Support By the Hour service

Turbomeca (Safran), the world's leading helicopter engine manufacturer, provides its customers with flexible, personalized support for engine maintenance. With the new Support By the Hour (SBH®) contract, engines remain operational at all times and maintenance costs can be anticipated. Éric Jakova-Merturi, the Head of Marketing at Turbomeca, tells us about the new contract.

What does the Turbomeca Support By the Hour contract consist of?

Support By the Hour (SBH) gives our customers a clear picture of the engine maintenance costs for their helicopters. The customer pays a fixed sum according to the engine's number of flying hours: it is the "You pay as you fly" concept. The hourly rate is established in advance, according to the customer's activity and missions, as well as the options chosen. The options can cover all or part of the scheduled or unscheduled maintenance operations (such as the general overhaul or unscheduled repairs), logistic and financial services, and the loan of equipment. In the event of a breakdown, we provide our customers with replacement engines that are constantly available in our flight equipment stock.
SBH enables operators to effectively budget costs, which can be spread over the medium or long term, thereby avoiding any unforeseen peaks in expenditure.

Turbomeca has been providing a support by the hour service since 1985; what is different about the service being offered in 2014?

Over the last thirty years, the market and our customers' needs have changed. We wanted to optimize Support By the Hour and provide a more flexible service, because the fleet sizes, missions and geographical areas covered can vary greatly among helicopter operators. Our goal is to be able to meet the specific requirements of each of our 2,500 customers. So, we have standardized as many options and configurations as possible, in order to respond to customers' requests more quickly and easily, while ensuring the same service quality, costs and deadlines.

Which customers is the SBH contract aimed at?

The flexibility of the service on offer makes it attractive for all civil-sector customers, whether they own a single helicopter or a large fleet, and whatever their missions, offshore transport, tourism, emergency rescue, etc. With the new SBH service, we aim to take customer satisfaction up another notch and to increase the number of operators under Support By the Hour contract.

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