Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration takes action for equal opportunities

Helping with professional integration is a key objective for the Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration, in phase with one of the Group's main commitments. Françoise Descheemaeker, Chairwoman of Safran Corporate Foundations, tells us a bit more about a few of the equal opportunities actions that have been implemented.

The Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration has been supporting the Frateli Association since 2008. Can you tell us more about the reasons for this choice and how the association's actions relate to Safran's objectives in terms of professional integration?
Set up in 2004, the Frateli Association is committed to ensuring equal opportunities. Its action is based on sponsorship, which sees bright students from modest backgrounds paired up with young employees who chose similar pathways to their sponsorees. The students are sponsored throughout their time in higher education, until they find a job. The Frateli Association is therefore pursuing the same goal as the Foundation, whose main aim is to foster the professional integration of disadvantaged groups. However, the Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration and Safran believe in the mobilizing strength of exemplary pathways to success for people inside and outside the company.

In this case, social disadvantage, significant financial constraints among families, and especially a lack of networks and social codes are big barriers to academic pathways and professional success. Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration strives to show that this is possible for everyone to achieve. It seeks to work alongside those who, like the Frateli Association, share the same values of justice, commitment and togetherness.

As a long-standing Frateli partner since 2008, the Foundation supports the ramping up and increasing diversification of the association's services alongside the Group's human resources departments and its companies', which are heavily involved in various programs. Today, impact studies provided by Frateli on the integration of sponsorees show that almost 80% of them find their first job within under two months. Lastly, the Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration only commits to long-term partnerships by way of exception and based on annual assessments of the results achieved.


In November 2013, Safran approached its employees about a sponsorship scheme with students supported by the Frateli Association. What did it involve? What was the outcome of the scheme?
In November 2013, we teamed up with the Group's human resources department to launch a sponsorship appeal on our website. We highlighted all of the actions led by the association to support and assist young people. Safran employees responded positively to this campaign, with a total of fifteen employees putting themselves forward to help and advise sponsorees. There are now forty or so Safran sponsors, which is the highest number out of any of Frateli's partner companies!

What other action have you taken to ensure equal opportunities?
The Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration fosters the social and professional integration of people with motor, sensory, mental or social disabilities, by giving them everything they need to integrate successfully in a professional or social environment.

The ELAN project is a good example of the Group's HR Departments' work alongside the Foundation. It was set up in 2006 by Christian Mari, Executive Vice-President, Research and Technology at Messier-Bugatti-Dowty and Trustee of the Safran Corporate Foundation for Integration. The objective was to show that young people with disabilities could access a wide range of jobs and qualifications via work/study vocational training courses in Group companies.

Thanks to the support of Safran tutors, the success of the scheme has continued to grow, showing that disabled people can, thanks to their qualities, integrate professionally and socially and take up a wide variety of jobs within a company. Almost two hundred people have received support from the Foundation and the Group as part of this project.

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