The new Safran R&T Center

Safran has announced in January that it will create a new Research & Technology center, located in the Saclay high-tech cluster near Paris. Christian Picollet, deputy director of R&T at Safran, describes the role and objectives of this new facility, which will open in November 2014.

What are the objectives of this new R&T center?

Safran's corporate strategy is based on innovation and establishing a distinctive difference through technology. With the creation of this new facility, Safran will have a real corporate research center, at the service of the Group and its companies. Its primary objective is to detect and nurture new technologies. It will provide R&T teams at our companies with the results of its research work, concerning "major systems and technologies applied across Safran", a vital complement to the more specific research carried out by each company, that focuses on their own technologies, products and services.

How will the center be organized?

It will be organized in three main sections: advanced aerospace systems (propulsion and energetics, electrical and electronic systems); digital technology (information and signal processing, modeling and simulation); materials, processes and sensors (test lab, materials and processes, sensor technologies and applications).

The aim of the "advanced aerospace systems" section is to understand and anticipate the technological requirements for equipment that we will develop for our customers.

The "digital technology" section will provide the Group powerful tools for modeling, designing global systems and processing big data for our products. The "materials, processes and sensors" section is tasked with amplifying our development work on the materials and processes that will be incorporated in upcoming generations of our systems. Furthermore, sensor technology is becoming a key to the development of new functions and services for our products.

The center will also include a laboratory dedicated to the development of new sensor technologies.

Why did you choose the Saclay technology cluster?

Paris-Saclay is set to become a world class technology hub for research and higher education. By setting up shop at Paris-Saclay, Safran will also capitalize on its proximity with a number of scientific research and engineering labs. Our center will further expand the presence of industry at this location, including leading companies like EDF, Air Liquide and Thales…

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