The Safran unified range of electrical products

Safran has launched on the beginning of January 2014 Labinal Power Systems, a new entity consolidating all of Safran’s electrical power system businesses. Alain Sauret, Chairman and CEO of Labinal Power Systems, brings us up to speed on this new organization.

What exactly is Labinal Power Systems?
Alain Sauret : Labinal Power Systems consolidates the activities of six Group industrial entities in the field of aircraft power systems. It will position Safran as a world leader in electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS) and power systems for the "more electric" aircraft, in particular. The new company has over 12,000 employees at 45 offices and facilities in 12 countries.

What types of activities includes the new company?
A. S. : Labinal Power Systems gathers the operations of Labinal (electrical wiring interconnection systems), Safran Power (power systems on board), Aerosource (maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aircraft electrical equipment, especially backup power generation systems), Safran Engineering Services (engineering services for electric systems) and Technofan (high-performance ventilation systems for avionics, braking and cabin). Through Labinal Power Systems, Safran is also bolstering our cross-disciplinary Research & Technology programs for all power systems, not to mention our engineering capabilities.

What is the target of this consolidation?
A. S. : With the founding of Labinal Power Systems, Safran is addressing strong demand from the aviation industry for the electrification of aircraft systems. The inevitable trend towards "more electric" aircraft offers the Group new development opportunities. The consolidation of its electrical equipment activities within Labinal Power Systems marks a decisive step forward, because Safran can now offer complete, world-class power systems for today's – and tomorrow's – aircraft.

What kind of power systems range is Safran now offering?
A. S. : Safran offers a comprehensive range of products, naturally anchored in its customers' evolving requirements. It reflects the Group's extensive skills and expertise in electrical power technologies and design: power generation (main and backup generators, starters, Auxiliary Power Units, or APU), along with primary and secondary power conversion and distribution, electrical equipment and power electronics, wiring, systems integration and of course support services, which represent the basic building blocks needed for aircraft power generation.

Safran's electrical power business lines


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