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Social media and mobile web apps have seen spectacular growth in recent years. Facebook, Twitter and others now play a pivotal role in communications strategies, marking a permanent shift in the relationship that businesses nurture with different publics. Safran allocates significant resources to boost its presence on the web, on social networks and on mobile devices. Pascale Dubois, Information and Communications VP for Safran, shares some insights.

Why is Safran expanding its presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Viadeo?

We've been present on social media for many years already through our sailing sponsoring. It was a natural move right from start since this initiative reaches a vast community of sailing aficionados. Beyond this initial foray, and before making more systematic commitments, we took time to closely assess the situation, since we want to offer specific content to different target communities with high value-added.

Our Group is almost exclusively involved in business-to-business activities, since the balance of our customers are major manufacturers or governments. So we wanted to use these technologies to educate our target populations about the vast diversity of our offering and the many uses of our products.

More broadly, social networks are also a powerful channel for listening and interacting with the communities in which we live and do business. Regardless of the issue – the environment, security or employment – social networks put us in direct content with communities who are passionately engaged in an ongoing dialogue about these different subjects. For example, when we explain that our LEAP engine will reduce the fuel consumption of commercial airlines by 15%, or that our electric green taxiing system improves operational efficiency for airlines, or when we present our integrated checkpoint to make passenger movement more fluid in airports, all this shows that Safran is fully aware of the challenges facing society today, and that a major industrial Group such as ours is able to propose solutions. All our initiatives on social networks are designed to present Safran and our products in their context.

Why have professional social networks become so important for recruitment?

Well, we shouldn't overstate the importance of social networks in terms of direct recruitment – the great majority of candidates still apply via corporate websites. But what's changing is the support you can provide for candidates to help them apply to the right place by making sure people are better informed thanks to dialogue with our teams on social networks. These sites also let us identify talented people and better present our wealth of professions and the diversity of career opportunities available at Safran. One way we're doing this is the network of Safran "e-ambassadors", engineers and technicians who dialogue directly and simply with candidates. What's more, social networks are a great source of information for young people who are still in school but already thinking about their professional future.

What about other social networks?

There are an incredible number of opportunities to develop our presence on social networks. We're focusing on the main platforms, always with an emphasis on interactivity and dialogue with the communities we target. Safran has a Twitter account in the Group's name, and several of our subsidiaries have their own accounts, since this has become an essential media for tracking news about our partners and customers. We also follow the Twitter accounts of journalists who cover subjects that involve the Group. Twitter lets us be very responsive during major events for Safran, and also be instantly abreast of anything that's said or written concerning the Group.

We use Facebook a lot too, since it's an amazing showcase that reaches huge numbers of the general public – over a billion accounts have been created since its launch. Plus, Facebook reaches a very active international audience. The subjects we present resonate with very passionate communities, not only on Facebook but also YouTube, which proves that we're very much in tune with the expectations of our customers, as well as the broader aspirations of society, and this dialogue is tremendously enriching.

Does Safran's digital footprint also include apps for tablets and smartphones?

Absolutely. Safran has several different apps, some corporate, some presenting specific activities, all available free via different stores. The Your Journey app, for example, presents Safran, emphasizing the overall consistency across the Group's products, services and expertise. This app has an entertaining format based on experiences we've all had in airports or on planes, spotlighting innovative Safran technologies with an educational approach. Safran also developed a tablet app for our 2012 Business and Corporate Social Responsibility Report. One last example is an application created by Snecma (Safran) with great illustrations to explain simply how aircraft and space engines work.

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