Morpho partners with 2<sup>nd</sup> Solutions to provide recycling solutions for SIM cards

Paoli, PA / Richmond, VA, August 21, 2013
Morpho (Safran), a leading provider of SIM technology, has chosen 2nd Solutions (AERC), a global leader in recycling solutions, as its partner in bringing eco-friendly recycling solutions to mobile network operator customers. Reducing the waste associated with the use of SIM cards in mobile phones has become an important challenge today.

While Morpho features a line of eco-friendly paper SIMs called SIMply Green and ½- and ¼-sized cards that also reduce the carbon footprint, in most markets the traditional full-sized plastic SIM form factor is still being used. This SIM comes in a standard sized plastic card and once it is punched out, the remaining plastic is typically thrown away. In this situation, about 88% of the plastic ends up in landfills. Morpho's objective is to improve this and help mobile network operators reach their sustainability goals.

Paul Naldrett, Managing Director US at Morpho, e-Documents Division, said: "When provisioning new phones, our customers remove the SIMs and fill boxes with the discarded cards. Morpho wants to help them find a simple and efficient way to recycle that material. Our new partner, 2nd Solutions, arranges for the material to be picked up and recycled on a regular basis. I am sure our customers will be thrilled, as this solution will help them achieve their carbon footprint reduction goals."

With this partnership, Morpho aims to help make complete SIM lifecycle management the standard in the industry, and as a result, allow customers to reuse recyclable material productively.

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About Morpho
Morpho, a high-technology company of Safran, is one of the world's leading suppliers of identification, detection and e-document solutions. Morpho is specialized in personal rights and flow management applications, in particular based on biometrics, a sector in which it is the world leader, as well as secure terminals and smart cards. Morpho's integrated systems and equipment are deployed worldwide and contribute to the safety and security of transportation, data, people and countries.
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About 2nd Solutions
2nd Solutions was founded in 2005 to extend the commercial life of electronic devices by capturing their residual value on the secondary market. Unlike many of our competitors, 2nd Solutions' sole focus is our commitment to purchase all mobile, wireless and computer technology regardless of condition. It has always been our belief that by building a global network consisting of hundreds of wholesalers, retailers and other commercial interests, we could create a trusted distribution network for used devices - thereby sharing the payback with the companies whose technology we obtained, refurbished and resold. And that is exactly what has transpired. 2nd Solutions is a subsidiary of AERC.
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