Safran podcasts contribution to more electric aircraft

Relive Safran's "Towards more electric aircraft" conference at the Paris Air Show in podcast format.

The more electric aircraft was one of the headline topics at the 50th Paris Air Show, held on June 17-21 2013. And what better place for Safran, a firm believer in aircraft electrification, to unveil its egts* electric green taxiing system, developed jointly with Honeywell, in an exclusive world first. The egts uses an electric engine between the main wheels – which prevents the airplane to use its main engines – to move aircraft on airport taxiways. This means substantial fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

The "Towards more electric aircraft" conference discussed a range of other exciting Safran innovations in addition to egts that are designed to make aircraft more electric. The long-term goal is to boost civil and military aircraft performance and reliability, while at the same time curbing environmental impacts and slashing production and maintenance costs.

The three Safran experts speaking at the conference were: Didier Godart, VP for Innovation, Olivier Gosselin, VP Research & Technology for electric and electro-mechatronic technology, Pierre Froment, VP Research & Technology, Systems and Equipment, head of technical innovation.

Hear the summary of the conference below :

* electric green taxiing system

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