Biometrics, a crucial line of defense for US law enforcement agencies

Morpho (Safran) is the leading provider of biometric and identity management solutions in the United States. Every day, a number of US law enforcement agencies rely on Morpho designed and developed automated biometric identification systems for their work.

One of the latest to come onboard is the Orange County Crime Lab in California. One of the top law enforcement agencies in the US, it joins a long list of others to put their trust in Safran subsidiary Morpho, the leading provider of biometric identification solutions (fingerprints, iris, facial recognition) today. Morpho's key strengths include its high-performance algorithms, which in a mere few seconds can match digital fingerprints taken on site to records in law enforcement databases. As Clark Nelson, Morpho Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales, explains, "our Automated Fingerprint Identity Systems (AFIS) are light years ahead of the competition. That's what makes us at Morpho number one in our key markets. It is extremely difficult to accurately identify one digital fingerprint from a database with several millions of entries." Simple and accurate
Law enforcement officers take fingerprints using scanners, which then cross-check them against the AFIS databases. "We recently developed a portable terminal no bigger than a cell phone so it can be used on the go – like for ID checks in the street and at emergencies, etc. – without compromising the system's speed or accuracy," says Nelson. "The police officer just asks the person to place a finger on the scanner surface. Then, it takes a digital copy of their fingerprint and searches for any possible matches in local and nation-wide databases." While Morpho's AFIS currently boast 99.9% accuracy, Nelson assures us that "we're planning to invest so we can keep improving the system. A 0.01% improvement can make a huge difference in the amount of criminals caught." In May 2013, the FBI has also migrated to the latest generation of Morpho's digital fingerprint matching solution. Three times as accurate as the FBI's former system, the Morpho solution will make it possible to cross-check fingerprints from old crime scenes, potentially solving a backlog of cold cases. Customer still comes first
"While we obviously appreciate the technology's performance, we're also especially receptive to customer service, and Morpho has always been extremely responsive and efficient," says Karl Wilmes, Deputy Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. And Clark Nelson, for whom customer service forms the very core of Morpho's commercial strategy, could not agree more: "we're here to build long-term relationships with our customers, and giving them the attention they need is one of the absolute fundamentals of our business policy. It's not just our technological prowess that wins us practically all of our calls for tender. We also owe it to the excellent relationships we have with our customers. Like the FBI for over 40 years and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for over 20 years!"

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