An “app” for Safran engines

Available for iPad and Android tablets since the spring, the app “How do Snecma engines work?” lets a wider audience discover how Snecma’s (Safran) engines work. A new initiative designed for the general public.

What is a compressor? What does the afterburner do? What is a plasma thruster? Everything you always wanted to know about (civil, space and military) aircraft engines built by Snecma is now at your fingertips. Already available on the Internet, the video "How do Snecma engines work?" has been available for download since May on the App Store and Google Play Store in a version completely redesigned and adapted for tablets. "As our customers are airframers and airlines, our communication campaigns are usually strongly business-to-business oriented", says Bastien Debertonne, head of video and multimedia communication at Snecma. "But there is a much wider audience that is passionate about our activities, including young people (high school and university students) but also non-specialist journalists and our followers on Twitter who are not necessarily experts on our products. So there was a real need for a communication tool that was educational while attractive and innovative." Focusing on mobile media
The "app" provides a detailed breakdown of each engine in the range designed by Snecma, from the Silvercrest business jet engine to the Vinci rocket engine, and including the M88 jet fighter engine and the bestselling CFM56*. "The main objective was to make complex concepts understandable", emphasizes Bastien Debertonne. "That's the whole point of this application: it shows that Snecma is an innovative company, and that this also applies to its communication tools." With downloads reaching almost 1000 by the end of June, the idea has clearly appealed to tablet users, as evidenced by this user who shared his first impressions: "Beautifully designed and easy to navigate. This app gives a good overview of Snecma's propulsion technologies." A good reason for Safran to continue and expand its communication campaigns on mobile devices targeting the general public, as it is has already done with the 2012 annual report app and a 3D airport tour app immersing users in the Group's world of innovation and high technology.

* Commercial engines developed and produced in partnership with GE

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