Cassiopée: a constellation of services

The Cassiopée range of flight safety and management services from Sagem (Safran) is expanding in 2013 to include new and improved features to address the evolving needs of airlines, and business aircraft and helicopter operators.

The Flight Ops Efficiency service, which was presented at the 2013 Paris Air Show, allows airlines to reduce their operating costs – fuel costs in particular – and to manage risks, and helps them to improve their operating procedures. It is enhancing the Cassiopée range of services, which turns raw data from aircraft equipment at every route stage (startup, taxiing, cruising, approach and arrival) into user-friendly information. The data is recorded by the ACMS* acquisition unit, retrieved and processed by Sagem experts using AGS (Analysis Ground Station) software, and furnished to airlines. Safety department managers, pilots and maintenance staff can then retrieve the information on a new web-based technical portal.

Optimizing operating procedures
"Flight Ops Efficiency will put our customers in a position to save even more on their aircraft operations," says Carole Arlotto, Cassiopée Marketing Manager at Sagem. "One of the features in this new solution, which is called SFCO2 and was jointly developed with Snecma (Safran), does more than run simple data analyses: it studies the operating procedures that airlines advise their pilots to follow." Safran experts are conversant with best practices in the aviation sector, and can therefore point operators towards opportunities to improve operations. Operators then use flight data analysis to ensure the new procedures are indeed effective, and these procedures are subsequently fine-tuned one step at a time.

An innovative – and practical – solution!
Besides this new feature, Cassiopée also offers an iPad application to access flight data off-site, in a workshop or on the tarmac. Once it is analyzed, the data is simpler for users to discuss and share it. They can also "replay" flights with 3D graphics that factor in the real parameters of the aircraft and weather. * Aircraft Condition Monitoring System Key figures

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