Herakles renews agreement with associations Planète Sciences and AJSEP to promote science careers for students

Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, June 21, 2013.

Philippe Schleicher, Chairman and CEO of Herakles (Safran, Jean-Pierre Ledey, President of the association Planète Sciences, and Guillaume Durin, President of the Association Jeunesse Science Espace Passion (AJSEP), have renewed their partnership agreement originally signed in 2007. Today's signature clearly reflects the advantages and success of this partnership, as well as the close bonds formed by these three entities over the last few years.

Philippe Schleicher, Chairman and CEO of Herakles, said: "We are delighted to renew our partnership with the AJSEP, the official local affiliate of the national association Planète Sciences. We have now been working together for over 16 years on actions that help us promote jobs in the space sector, and I believe we have already inspired a number of young people to choose this profession."

For example, a team of young "rocket scientists" sponsored by the association AJSEP is participating in the Rocketry Challenge, a model rocket competition for students from 6th grade to high school seniors (11 to 18 years old), with support from Herakles (Safran). The international finals of this competition are being held at the Paris Air Show this year. "Herakles is supporting Rocketry Challenge teams sponsored by AJSEP for the third year in a row," noted Philippe Schleicher. "This contest is an idea way for our company to introduce young people to science careers. It gives them a real taste for science, technology and the experimental method."

The association AJSEP comprises volunteer Herakles staff who work with young people all year long on projects concerning experimental balloons and model rockets. According to AJSEP President Guillaume Durin, "The Rocketry Challenge, like balloon projects, allows young people to conduct a project as a team, and to follow a complete cycle of rocket design and development, meeting specifications, choosing materials and the motor, and then building and launching their own rocket!"

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About AJSEP:
Created in the Bordeaux region in 1997, AJSEP (Association Jeunesse Sciences Espace Passion) became an affiliate of the national association Planète Sciences in 2007. The two associations offer students from grammar school to high school, opportunities to participate in scientific activities and experiments during school or after-school hours, with support from major scientific organizations and manufacturers. AJSEP uses a variety of educational tools, which may vary from model rockets to the Perséus nano-launcher, along with water rockets, stratospheric balloons and experimental rockets.

Herakles, a Safran company, designs, develops, produces and sells solid rocket motors, energetic materials and equipment, and thermostructural and organic composite materials for the defense, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. Herakles provides products and services for a number of applications, including strategic and tactical missiles, launch vehicles, civil and military aircraft, automotive safety systems and tooling for manufacturers.

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