Ryanair CFM56-7B Engine Order Valued at $3.7B

  • Takes CFM56 engine fleet to nearly 1,000 engines

    LE BOURGET, France — 19 June 2013 – Ryanair today finalized a firm order for 175 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 airplanes powered by CFM56-7B engines. The value of the 350-einge order is approximately $3.7 billion U.S. at list price.

Ryanair first became a CFM customer in 1998 with an order for 28 CFM56-7-powered 737s and today operates the largest CFM56-7B-powered Boeing Next-Generation 737 fleet in Europe on more than 1,600 flights per day from 57 bases on 1,600 routes across 29 countries, connecting more than 180 destinations

All of Ryanair's new 737s will be powered by the CFM56-7BE engine, the new production configuration introduced in mid-2011. CFM used advanced computer codes and three-dimensional design techniques to improve airfoils in the high- and low-pressure turbines for better engine performance. In addition, the company improved engine durability and reduced parts count to achieve lower maintenance costs. When combined with airplane improvements, the engine provides two percent better fuel efficiency and up to four percent lower maintenance costs.

CFM has been the sole engine supplier for all Boeing 737 aircraft models since 1981.

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