The Microturbo (Safran) e-APU60 is certified by EASA

Paris, France - June 17th, 2013.

The Microturbo (Safran) e-APU60 is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The entry into service of the first systems is scheduled during the second semester of 2013.

The e-APU60, which is specially designed to meet the demands of new-generation more-electric aircraft, completed its certification tests on May 31st. Altogether, seven engines took part in the certification tests and seven more engines in the helicopter-integrated tests, totaling over 1,000 hours and 5,000 cycles of testing.

During the tests, the e-APU60 has successfully validated its reliability and its endurance in extreme operating conditions, as well as its impressive performance in normal flight conditions.

"We are extremely satisfied that this new power source concept has received the highest level of EASA civil certification (Category 1 for essential use). In addition to ground starting the main engines, supplying power to the electrical systems and providing cabin air conditioning for the AgustaWestland AW189, the e-APU60 is also capable of restarting the engines in flight and providing an additional source of power required to cover all electrical needs throughout the flight envelope. Flight safety is therefore optimized. Microturbo is currently ramping up production and setting up a complete support organization to meet all customer expectations" declared Thierry Gourmanel, Commercial Vice President, Microturbo Programs and Customer Support.

With its streamlined architecture and proven technologies developed within Safran, the e-APU is characterized by an excellent power-to-weight ratio, exceptional compactness, as well as optimized reliability and cost of ownership. It also meets and anticipates current environmental standards, featuring impressively low fuel consumption, pollution and noise emission levels.


Microturbo (Safran) specializes in the design and production of high-technology power systems and propulsion systems. State-of-the-art and reliable power solutions offered include the large proven range in Microturbo gas turbines, but also innovations resulting of an important R&D investment and strategic partnerships. Microturbo is a world leader in the field of power systems and propulsion systems and has delivered over 13,000 units.

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