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As the first company to join this initiative, Safran signed a partnership in April with the non-profit association @talentEgal set up by Alcatel-Lucent. Its aim is to support students with disabilities through higher education* and into their first job. Catherine Buche-Andrieux, Head of the Diversity and CSR Department at Safran, explains how this works.

En prenant part au programme @talentEgal, Safran franchit une étape supplémentaire dans la voie de l'égalité des chances poursuivie depuis 2006. Comment cette action s'articule-t-elle dans la politique handicap du Groupe ?

I would say that this is a complementary stage, which is totally consistent with our disability policy and more specifically with its training component relating to work-study schemes and placements. The difficulty lies in recruiting qualified young people with disabilities with the requisite skills for the majority of the vacancies at Safran. We are convinced that the @talentEgal program will help us respond to this crucial challenge.

This program will enable us to get key schools and universities involved, support young students through their training and encourage them to gain the skills required for our activities. We can therefore meet both the Group's operational requirements in terms of skills and our recruitment and training objectives for young people with disabilities set out in the agreement signed by the Group on April 6, 2013.

What form does Safran's involvement in the program actually take?

Our involvement in the program means that students with disabilities will be able to take advantage of placements, work-study opportunities and training schemes offered by Safran which will enhance their chances of recruitment by the Group. Furthermore, they will have priority access to job offers. Every student involved in an apprenticeship or on a placement will be supported throughout their training by a tutor who is a Group employee. In order to achieve this, we will draw on our network of volunteer tutors who have received prior training to welcome people with disabilities onto their teams.

What about the younger age group?
As a bridge between higher education and integration into the workplace, the @talentEgal association also plays a part in raising awareness among high school students with disabilities. We intend to set up projects with this group to introduce them to the corporate world and the activities of the Group, encourage them to pursue their studies and persuade them that it is possible to get a job in a major company like ours, even if they have disabilities.

* The non-profit association @talentEgal helps students with disabilities to achieve higher education qualifications (from baccalaureate +2 years further study to baccalaureate +4/5 years further study), and facilitates their transition into the corporate workplace.

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