Rocketry Challenge: Safran-sponsored teams take first three spots

The national Rocketry Challenge final was held on May 18 and 19, 2013 at the Safran Aerospace Museum near Paris, which welcomed 27 teams of young scientists. The three teams sponsored by Herakles (Safran) finished in the top three spots!

For the first time, the Safran Aerospace Museum welcomed the national final of the Rocketry Challenge, an amateur rocket contest open to young people from 11 to 18 years old (6th grade to last year of high school), forming teams through their school or a club. The teams entering this contest design, build and launch their own model rocket. Furthermore, it has to be launched with a raw egg as a payload – and the egg has to be intact when it lands back on Earth!

After an initial selection based on launches from the Melun Villaroche airfield, right next to the Museum, the five finalists carried out another launch to decide the victor. The winning team was ARIANE HTM, supported by the association AJSEP (Association Jeunesse Sciences Espace Passion) at Herakles (Safran). Group company Herakles has participated in the Rocketry Challenge since it started in France, contributing its vast expertise in rocket propulsion to help these young "rocket scientists".

By allowing the young participants to conduct a complete engineering project, this contest aims to give them a taste for science, technology and experimentation, along with working as part of a team. For Safran, it's also a very effective way of exposing them to the satisfaction of a scientific or engineering career, and the many different jobs involved.

The next step is on June 21, when national winners will participate in the international final of the 2013 Rocketry Challenge at the 50th Paris Air Show.

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