West Virginia uses MorphoIDent for Fast ID on FBI RISC Database

Alexandria, Va., November 27, 2012

West Virginia State Police (WVSP) are successfully using MorphoIDent mobile ID devices supplied by MorphoTrak to make real-time identifications on both the WVSP and the FBI's Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) fingerprint databases.

The FBI's RISC includes approximately 2 million records of wanted persons, sex offender registry subjects, and known or suspected terrorists. MorphoIDent is a smartphone-sized mobile fingerprint identification device developed by Morpho (Safran group).

Using MorphoIDent in recent weeks, WVSP has made several identifications on the RISC database and dozens on the State's.

These identification devices help WVSP officers quickly determine if a person detained during a routine traffic stop has outstanding wants or warrants — even if the person doesn't have ID or gives a false name. MorphoIDent quickly captures two of the person's fingerprints and immediately searches them against the state's criminal fingerprint databases and the FBI's RISC database. Within minutes the device vibrates to indicate that search results are available, and whether or not the individual can be safely and confidently cited and released.


MorphoTrak, Inc.a subsidiary of Safran USA, provides biometric and identity management solutions to a broad array of markets in the U.S. including law enforcement, border control, driver licenses, civil identification, and facility/IT security. Reporting to Morpho, the Safran group's security division, MorphoTrak is part of the world's largest biometric company. Morpho is a leading innovator in large fingerprint identification systems, facial and iris recognition, as well as rapid DNA identification and secure credentials. With over 35 years' experience, Morpho has captured more than 3 billion fingerprints and Morpho products are used by more than 450 government agencies in over 100 countries. MorphoTrak is headquartered near Washington D.C., with major corporate facilities in Anaheim, CA Concord, CA andFederal Way, WA.

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