Campus relations: win-win partnerships

Safran’s drive to build its exposure in student circles and to interest students in its career opportunities as early as possible has led it to partner several French <i>grandes écoles</i> and universities over the past several years.

ENSAM, ESTACA, ENSMA and UTC are a few of the engineering schools and universities that Safran has signed partnership agreements with over the past few months. That is this Group's way of cementing its network, which currently counts about 20 partner schools and universities – or, in other words, pools to provide the skills that Safran will need to fuel its development. Its Human Resources Department is planning to hire 6,000 people (including 3,000 in France) in 2012 and that many again in 2013. And it is focusing particularly on young graduates, who will fill over one-third of its vacancies for engineers and managers. And Safran ranks fourth on the list of engineering students' favorite employees in a survey(1) published on October 15th this year, meaning that it is already reaping the rewards of its recruitment policy.
These partnership agreements are based on a win-win approach whereby students learn more about the Group and what it does in the hope that what they learn will kindle their interest in a job at Safran later on, and the Group provides insight to help schools to think about how they might enhance their syllabi.

Sparking interest and passion
The Employer Branding and Campus Relations Department runs a series of initiatives throughout student's academic paths in order to reach out to them, help them to understand engineering job prospects in more depth and help them to map out their career plans. These initiatives include tours around Group industrial facilities, roundtables on business lines, end-of-study internships and more. More than 200 Safran "ambassadors", i.e. Group employees and target school and university alumni, also answer students' questions and share their experiences working at Safran. On another front, the Group is also cementing its presence on campus by providing training modules, with sessions run by lecturing ambassadors or Safran Consulting, its in-house consulting arm. Safran likewise sits on academic boards at several schools and universities, alongside other industrial firms, to provide input that will help those schools and universities to continuously fine-tune their curricula around the new skills that the Group will need over coming years.

(1) A TNS Sofres ranking in business and engineering schools

Safran partnership facts and figures

  • More than 200 Safran ambassadors (a network of school and university alumni working for Safran)
  • 20 partnerships with target schools/universities
  • More than 200 events organized every year (forums, conferences, roundtables, recruitment interview simulation workshops, etc)
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