Safran Aerospace Museum welcomes Planète Sciences space clubs

On Saturday, March 17 the Safran Aerospace Museum welcomed space clubs from the Planète Sciences association, for a day-long program of workshops, project development and museum visits.

Safran continues to demonstrate its commitment to students who are fascinated by the aerospace sector, with initiatives that give them a better idea of how industry operates. The Safran group recently renewed its support for Planète Sciences, an association founded in 1962 that promotes science and technology for young persons from 8 to 25. Safran is already a partner in a number of different events to support this objective, including European Heritage Days in 2010 and 2011, the Rocketry Challenge in 2011 and the 2011 Space and Industry Awards.

The day at Safran Aerospace Museum included a review of various projects (experimental rockets, mini-rockets, stratospheric balloons and the amazing CanSat – satellites encapsulated in soft drink cans!) that will be presented at the International Rocketry Challenge in 2012 and C'Space, an event organized in Biscarosse (southwest France) this coming August. The 110 students from junior highs, high schools and universities, aided and advised by professionals, gave reports on the progress of some 60 different projects.

"Our association needs the support of manufacturers to develop," said Arnaud Aliphat, deputy director of the Planète Sciences association. "Safran has been a major partner in a number of our actions over the last few years. Events like the one today offer an outstanding opportunity for exchanges, since students clearly benefit from the advice of these volunteers, including a number of Safran engineers. The Safran Aerospace Museum, a historic site impregnated with the aerospace engineering culture, is an extraordinary venue that stimulates the work of these young people and undoubtedly spurs their interest in an aerospace career. Thanks to industry's human, technical and financial support, we can develop our projects under optimum conditions."

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