Safran to help create aviation industry training center in Brazil

Safran, along with other French companies operating in Brazil, is participating in a project to create a joint Franco-Brazilian training center dedicated to aircraft manufacturing and maintenance jobs. On March 8, 2012, French and Brazilian authorities signed a Statement of Intent in Sao Paulo, represented by Yves Saint-Geours, French ambassador to Brazil, and Paulo Skaf, president of the Sao Paulo industry federation.

The booming Brazilian aircraft industry has seen a strong rise in demand for qualified labor. This joint training center project reflects its partners' shared commitment to bolstering professional training capabilities in the aviation sector for both students and employees, as well as strengthening ties between France and Brazil.

The formal contract specifying the responsibilities of all partners should be signed by the end of June. Safran Corporate University will coordinate the training solutions and associated resources to be deployed within Safran to enhance the value of its professional skills and presence in Brazil.

Safran's role on the KC-390
Safran won several major contracts in 2011 on the new KC-390 military transport aircraft being developed by Embraer of Brazil. Safran will supply the wheels, brakes and braking control system, the backup electrical generation system and electrical distribution system, along with aircraft electrical integration, the horizontal stabilizer trim system and control unit and the ventilation system.

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