Safran: a long-term commitment to professional inclusion

Carrying on its commitments made to youth employment in underserved areas in 2008 (Plan Espoir Banlieue), on February 29, 2012 Safran signed a national commitment by businesses to support youth employment in priority neighborhoods.

The "National commitment by businesses for employment in priority neighborhoods" was signed on February 20 in a ceremony at the Jobs and Enterprise Campus in Bobigny, north of Paris, attended by Xavier Bertrand, French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health, and Maurice Leroy, Minister of the City. Through this latest commitment, designed to support the deployment of the resources and tools needed to develop employment and strengthen links between local residents and companies, Safran bolsters its own commitment to professional inclusion.

Enhancing access to jobs

The major goal of this "national commitment" is to give the inhabitants of the 2,500 underserved neighborhoods identified as priority zones, better access to jobs and education. For living conditions in these neighborhoods to improve, all stakeholders have to get involved, especially the business world. For example, reflecting its corporate social responsibility policy, Safran has pledged to sign 300 contracts per year with the residents of these neighborhoods. According to Francis Baeny, Group' Head of social relations at Safran, "through this agreement, Safran is affirming its commitment to offer all inhabitants of these priority neighborhoods opportunities to discover the worlds of industry and business and the variety of jobs available, along with guidance, professional training and employment.

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Safran pledges to sign 300 contracts/year in 2012 and 2013:

  • 50 new hires (30 permanent and 20 fixed term)
  • 100 work-study contracts, including 80 apprenticeships and 20 for professional training
  • 150 internships for students
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