Safran launches major recruitment ad campaign

"Safran is recruiting engineers for some Very Important Missions". That's the tagline of the new recruitment ads launched by Safran. Communications VP Pascale Dubois explains the ins and outs of this large-scale project.

What was the background behind this campaign and what are its objectives?
Pascale Dubois – The success of a major corporation like Safran depends on the talents of its people. The ability to innovate and the creativity needed to spur technological advances are strategic necessities. Safran plans to hire 6,000 new employees in 2012, nearly half in France. More than ever, we have to be able to attract the top talents in our target groups, including recent graduates, experienced engineers and technicians. This ad campaign was designed to bolster the Group's recognition and spotlight its attractiveness in the eyes of these people, whether in France or abroad. Being able to recruit top talents today will determine our future success.

How will these ads win over the top talents?
P. Dubois – Given the fierce competition to recruit these people, our goal is to express our distinctive difference. With this campaign, we are addressing candidates in terms of their expectations, which Safran can legitimately fulfill. Our targets are men and women who are passionate about high technology: we introduce them to Safran's key technologies and areas of expertise. They also want their professional lives to have meaning and to feel that they serve a purpose for the surrounding world, so we explain that working at Safran also means contributing to the concrete solutions that address today's economic, social and environmental challenges. Lastly, they are looking for a particular mindset, so we recount the "pride and passion" of the people who are the daily essence of Safran.

How will this ad campaign be deployed?
P. Dubois – It will be launched on the day we announce the Group's results for 2011, February 23. It will first be deployed in France, then expanded to international markets during the year. We are calling on different media to significantly increase the visibility of the Safran employer brand: press (leading national dailies and weeklies); billboards in the main train stations throughout France; online, via ads on job and student sites; and of course via social networks. Last, but not least, we are also deploying the campaign in-house, so that each employee can act as an "ambassador".

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