BRED, VIALINK and Morpho bring digital services to the masses with Ipab

Paris, November 28, 2011

BRED Banque Populaire, through its subsidiary VIALINK, a digital service provider, has chosen Morpho (Safran group) to equip its corporate and private customers with cryptographic devices to secure the use of Ipab digital services (

Electronic signatures have proven their worth in the B-to-B market, particularly when it comes to the secure management of cash flows between companies and banks over the Internet. With the development of new processes, it is now possible to offer this technology to private individuals. The new range of Morpho ypsID cryptographic keys can be used for authentication and signing with a digital certificate, without having to install software on users' PCs and Macs.

Ipab provides account holders with an online space which receives & stores documents sent by its partners (banks, insurance companies and main utilities) and acts as the key to facilitate strong authentication and electronic signatures. This also means that the entire process is paper-free.

Ipab offers Internet users a secure personal space including:

  • A digital certificate for strong authentication and electronic signatures
  • An inbox for documents sent by Ipab platform partners (BRED to date)
  • A digital safe

As VIALINK's first Ipab partner, BRED will equip its customers with Morpho cryptographic USB keys to further secure sensitive banking transactions on its website, and payment transactions made by BRED-3DSecure bank card holders, to provide electronic bank statements, checks, and contracts, and to offer new services supporting online signatures via fixed and mobile devices.

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About Morpho
Morpho, a high-technology company in the Safran group, is one of the world's leading suppliers of identification, detection and e-document solutions. Morpho is specialized in personal rights and flow management applications, in particular based on biometrics, a sector in which it is the world leader, as well as secure terminals and smart cards. Morpho's integrated systems and equipment are deployed worldwide and contribute to the safety and security of transportation, data, people and countries.
Through its e-Documents Division, Morpho is a pioneer and a global leader in the smart card industry. It develops and implements cutting-edge technology to turn the vision of unbounded mobile communications and integrated digital security into a reality. The Division's portfolio includes hardware, software, consulting and services, all focused on smart cards for the benefit of consumers and providers in the telecommunications, health, identification and banking areas.

About BRED
BRED is the largest regional bank in the Banque Populaire Group (BPCE), the second largest banking group in France. As a cooperative financial institution, BRED is owned and controlled by more than 126,000 members, with a capital of EUR 432,487,500. It has based its development on two main business areas: high-street banking in the Ile-de-France (Paris) area, Aisne, Normandy and French overseas territories, and banking services for large economic entities. It is recognized for its innovative capabilities that result in services with high added value, particularly in the field of electronic commerce and flow management.
A few figures: 3,750 employees, 354 branches and specialized centers, around 900,000 customers (individuals, businesses, associations, companies and institutions) and consolidated net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent of 244.4 million euros in 2010 (slight increase of 0.6% compared to 2009).

VIALINK ( acts as an operator in the fields of digital signatures and PKI (public key infrastructure), and is acknowledged as a trusted service-provider.
VIALINK guarantees the integrity of the signed documents as well as the identity of the signatories, by verifying the conformity of the signature and taking evidence by date and time stamping and legal archiving.
VIALINK keeps legal evidence throughout the legally-required retention period and even beyond. VIALINK guarantees the probative value of the electronic signature.
VIALINK provides advice on, develops and operates paperless process solutions based on electronic signatures (,,,, etc.) and other cryptographic technologies.
The IPAB platform is an excellent example of VIALINK's overall expertise.
VIALINK is a subsidiary of BRED Banque Populaire.

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