Safran: a full-fledged committing to hiring and supporting disabled persons

Safran is participating in the French National Disability Employment Awareness Week, from November 14 to 20. Catherine Buche-Andrieux, head of the Diversity and Social Responsibility department in Corporate Human Resources, explains Safran's policy to support the employment of disabled persons.

How is Safran involved in the National Disability Employment Awareness Week?
Catherine Buche-Andrieux: Our participation in this event is two-pronged. In-house, we are taking advantage of this event to raise employee awareness about disabilities and the professional integration of disabled persons. We are therefore carrying out various communications actions in the field, directly with employees, to enhance their understanding of different types of disabilities, and to inform them about Safran's employment policy. Our goal is for the Group's engagement in this area to be supported locally in a majority of offices and facilities, as was the case last year, when we had an 80 percent participation rate. Externally, we are fostering hiring by participating in various events organized by partners during the week, such as the Jobs Forum organized by ADAPT (Association for the Social and Professional Integration of Disabled Persons), and the Job Studio organized by Agefiph (French fund management association for the employment of disabled persons), as well as local initiatives carried out by Group companies in conjunction with local specialized organizations.

How does the Group's participation this week fit into the corporate policy to support the professional integration of disabled persons?
This week is a wonderful opportunity to send out a message about our ongoing commitment throughout the year to support the employment of disabled persons. For example, Group company Technofan, based in Toulouse, will start construction this week to enhance site accessibility. Another Group company, Aircelle, is organizing a conference for its employees with Hervé Caron, a disabled bicycle racer who the company has sponsored for several years already. Furthermore, national events are receiving heavy media coverage, which enables us to reach a large number of qualified job candidates. Through this awareness raising week we can reaffirm our commitment to increasing the percentage of disabled persons working at Safran.

What is the outlook for the employment of disabled persons at Safran?
In October 2008, Safran created the Diversity and Social Responsibility department, including a Group-wide "Disability Team", charged with deploying a coordinated employment policy at all Group companies. Our commitment was further strengthened in 2010 with the signature of a Group-wide agreement with Agefiph on the employment of disabled persons. These actions are already beginning to bear fruit, since the percentage of disabled persons employed in the Group grew from 3.7% at the end of 2009 to 4.4% a year later. Both management and unions are committed to going even further, reinforcing this agreement with another Group-wide accord certified by DIRECCTE, the regional directorate of business, competition, consumption, work and employment. Negotiations are already under way to develop an agreement expressing Safran's commitment in several areas, including hiring, training and maintaining the employment of disabled persons. Culminating a consultation process, this agreement should be signed in the spring of 2012.

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