MorphoAccess® VP, an innovative access control solution

A few months ago, Morpho (Safran group) launched the world’s first biometric terminal integrating its ground-breaking technology combining fingerprint and finger vein biometrics.

As the pioneering leader in access control systems based on fingerprint recognition, Morpho has introduced a new innovative system called MorphoAccess® VP. This terminal is designed to secure and control access to sensitive sites, buildings or specific zones within a building (secure perimeter), or to rooms hosting confidential data or containing valuable property to be protected (IT rooms, archives, security control centers, etc.).

In addition to fingerprints, this system recognizes biometric finger vein pattern data. "When a finger is placed on the terminal's biometric sensor, it is illuminated not only with visible light to retrieve fingerprint information, but also with near-infrared light to reconstitute the vein pattern in the subcutaneous tissue of the finger, which is also individual-specific," explained Roland Bély, Morpho's Biometric Terminals Product Manager. This combined technology offers several advantages. It significantly restricts the percentage of people with a lack of biometric characteristics of adequate quality. "Dual modality" provides a technological breakthrough as it enhances the performance levels of the biometric system by lowering both the false acceptance and false rejection rates at access control points. "The system is not only safer for its owner but also offers its users a better service rate," Roland Bély pointed out. Finally, the system drastically reduces spoofing possibilities as the Product Manager explained: "By combining false fingerprint detection mechanisms with the detection of the vein pattern under the skin, it has in fact become almost impossible to trick the terminal." The risk of identity theft is therefore considerably lower.

Targeting the French market
In France, authorization from the CNIL* is required before fingerprints can be collected and stored in a database. This obstacle is however overcome by MorphoAccess® VP which – on top of the advantages mentioned above – encrypts the information stored in the terminal to prevent it from being distorted away from its end purpose. These security mechanisms to protect personal data have led to initial authorization being granted to install a system of this type in France. This new terminal therefore meets access control needs while offering top-level guarantees on personal data protection.

* CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) is an independent administrative body in charge of personal data protection in France.

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