Turbomeca do Brasil (Safran group) signs Makila engine support contract with Brasilian Ministry of Defense

Bordes, 19 October 2011

Turbomeca do Brasil (Safran group) has signed a five year GSP (Global Support Package) contract with the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, to cover the support of 100 Makila 2A gas turbines. The engines power the EC 725, operated by all three Brazilian armed forces and the Presidential transportation group.

The GSP, a maintenance lease based on predicted fleet flight hours, is the first to be signed across the Brazilian armed forces. It demonstrates the confidence of Brazilian military customers in Turbomeca's capacity to support them, earned over 20 years of experience.

The contract covers initial provisioning, technical support on-site, fleet and pool management and training.

Turbomeca do Brasil: trusted partner of the Brazilian military forces

The Brazilian armed forces have operated Turbomeca engines since 1980. Today, the fleet includes 230 Arriel & Makila engines and, with the delivery of a new EC 725 fleet, is set to grow.

In 2008 Brazil ordered 50 EC 725 helicopters, powered by Makila 2As to be assembled, tested and overhauled at Turbomeca do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.

Furthermore, in 2010, the Army launched a programme to update the Army's Pantera fleet with the Arriel 2C2CG.

Opened in 2002, the Turbomeca do Brasil repair centre, based at Xerem, overhauls and repairs all Turbomeca engines operated by the military forces

Turbomeca do Brasil, together with Turbomeca Sud Americana at Montevideo, provides support services for 500 customers operating over 1,400 engines across Latin America.


Turbomeca (Safran group) is the leading helicopter engine manufacturer, and has produced over 68 000 turbines based on its own designs since the company was founded. Offering the widest range of engines in the world and dedicated to 2,350 customers in 155 countries, Turbomeca provides a proximity service thanks to its 16 sites, 26 Maintenance Centers, 24 Repair & Overhaul Centers and 90 Field representatives and Field technicians. Microturbo, the subsidiary of Turbomeca, is the European leader in turbojet engines for missiles, drones and auxiliary power units.
For more information: www.turbomeca.fr and www.safran-group.com

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