Hanvol association for disabled employees in aerospace wins PEPITE award

On October 5, French President Nicolas Sarkozy officially awarded the PEPITE* prize in the ground employment-training category to the chairman of the Hanvol association, which includes Safran as a founding member.

PEPITE* is an annual prize that recognizes people in business, community organizations and associations, local or regional government and healthcare who have helped improve employment opportunities for disabled persons in the European aerospace industry.
The Hanvol association was created in 2010 by French aerospace industries trade association Gifas and six companies, including Safran. It received this award for its commitment to using work-study programs to provide training in aerospace jobs, and encouraging the hiring of disabled persons in this sector.
Gifas and the six founding partners in Hanvol, along with French funding agency AGEFIPH, are committed to energizing the aerospace industry in this area, convincing partners, sharing their experience and setting up a multi-step organization to ensure the professional integration of disabled persons, a win-win situation for everybody involved. Safran has already welcomed ten disabled employees within the scope of this program. Hanvol received the PEPITE award for its commitment to this goal.


*Prix Européen pour l'Insertion des Travailleurs Extra-ordinaires

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