Jean-Paul Herteman, Safran Chairman and CEO, sponsors 2010 class at Polytechnique

Safran Chairman and CEO Jean-Paul Herteman is sponsoring the 2010 class at French engineering school Ecole Polytechnique, as part of an extensive recruitment policy launched this year to keep pace with the Group's ongoing development.

The ceremony marking the kickoff of the sponsorship initiative spotlighted innovation and high technology, two essential qualities that characterize the Safran group. "As a member of the Polytechnique class of 1970, I am especially proud of this opportunity to sponsor the class of 2010," said Safran Chairman and CEO Jean-Paul Herteman in his keynote address to the class, adding that he was firmly convinced that "Companies today have a major role to play in providing support for young people as they start their professional careers, in tandem with measures carried out by schools. That's why we have decided to support you through this sponsorship initiative, based on concrete actions to help you discover our businesses, which cover a broad spectrum of exciting disciplines, along with the promising career opportunities offered by Safran."

Strengthened collaboration with major schools
Safran forecasts a need for 2,000 new employees in 2012, with young engineers accounting for 30 to 40% of the total. It has therefore decided to strengthen its collaboration with leading engineering schools and universities in France and abroad. Initially, Safran will support the development of these major schools, especially in international markets, and ensure that the skills taught are in line with the Group's needs. To achieve this goal, Safran takes a high-level approach, for example by holding seats on the boards of several schools. Another primary objective is to foster partnerships with universities to expand the Group's hiring policy to include more holders of master's and doctoral degrees.
In 2010, Safran began to set up a network of "ambassadors" to provide ensure closer contacts with students and help them make career decisions. These "ambassadors are in fact Group employees who graduated from the targeted engineering schools and universities. They participate in various events and classes at their old schools to support student development.

Support for career development
In addition to sponsoring the 2010 class at the Ecole Polytechnique, Safran is also sponsoring classes at the Mines ParisTech and ESIEE engineering schools. The overall aim is to enhance both teachers' and students' knowledge of the Group and its businesses, along with the specific skills and expertise needed. These measures reflect Safran's clear commitment to helping students built a satisfying career plan.
Right from the first year and throughout their time in academia, students will become more aware of all facets of the engineering profession, enabling them to more objectively choose different courses, internships and initial jobs. For example, within the scope of this program to sponsor a class at Polytechnique, a group of second-year students will be able to meet with career advisors from Safran.
All of these actions will enable Safran to identify the top young talents, fully committed to its business sectors and cutting-edge technologies, who would like to join the company.

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