Messier-Bugatti-Dowty: world leader in landing and braking systems

A champion is born! In May 2011, the three Safran subsidiaries Messier-Bugatti, Messier-Dowty, and Messier Services merged to form Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, creating a world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems. We spoke to Chairman and CEO, Alain Sauret.

Three Safran Group subsidiaries have merged to create a single aircraft equipment supplier. Why such a move?
This merger is the result of the Safran Group's drive to offer its customers more integrated solutions. Messier-Bugatti-Dowty now boasts a comprehensive portfolio of integrated landing and braking systems that are more competitive both in terms of technology and pricing, plus a range of associated services that airlines have come to expect. Increasingly, airlines are looking for package deals covering the entire equipment life cycle, such as rate-per-flight-hour maintenance contracts including repairs.

How do customers view this new supplier and what does the company bring to the table to keep it ahead of its competitors?
For our customers, this merger is a natural and logical step in the development of the Safran Group. As far as competition is concerned, we are the only ones with all the technological solutions needed to build a complete landing and braking system. Operating across 17 locations in seven countries spread over three continents, we cover a very wide geographical area which gives us a decisive competitive edge when it comes to developing local markets and offering customers a local service. The creation of a single MRO department is also an asset in that respect. Finally, our three research departments in France, the UK and Canada all have a different yet complementary technical culture. This boosts our capacity for innovation. These factors combine to keep us ahead of the field, a position that we can further consolidate by sharing the same strategic vision, reinforcing our integration in terms of operations and improving our responsiveness to market demands.

Where do you expect Messier-Bugatti-Dowty to be ten years from now?
We aim to reinforce and sustain our leadership, particularly by banking on technological progress such as carbon brakes. This has always been our main strength and we intend to keep it that way. Our 50% market share in brakes and landing gear gives us the visibility needed to invest sensibly in equipment for tomorrow's world, develop products that are lighter, quieter and more robust and design more electrical products too, especially with the Green Taxiing System. We will also be offering new services. Innovation, whether it be industrial or commercial, knows no bounds. For these reasons and many more, we expect to stay at the top of the world leader board for the next ten years... And beyond!

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