Big Frog at the Reno Air Races

A French team of young pilots is participateing at the legendary "National Championship Air Races" that is scheduled for September 14 to 18 this year in Reno, Nevada (USA). Safran is a partner in this exciting project, supplying both the aircraft's innovative engine and technical support services.

This legendary race brings together dozens of pilots and hundreds of thousands of spectators for one of the fastest and most prestigious aircraft races held anywhere in the world – and the last pylon racing event. During five days, pilots in seven aircraft classes go head to head at speeds of 150 to over 500 mph and anywhere from 50 to 500 feet above the ground, flying circuits marked out by 50-foot pylons on the ground. The "Big Frog" new aircraft that is flying France's colors is competing in one race per day in the "Sport Class", and aims to win the "Bronze Cup". "

Safran goes to the Reno Air Races
The French team is flying a single-engine aircraft powered by an SR305 engine from SMA, a subsidiary of the Safran group. This SMA SR305 diesel engine combines easy handling with reduced operating costs and environmental impact. Developed and produced by SMA, the SR305 is an innovative diesel engine offering unrivaled performance. Because of this engine, the Big Frog plane will have a significant fuel consumption advantage (42% less than conventional gas engines), enabling it to start the race with less weight that its competitors.

First race, first victory
On September the 14th at 5 :00 PM, Big Frog won its first race in its class, which is an historical victory for the aircraft but also for the SMA SR305-230 engine, the first diesel engine to win such a race like the Reno's.

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