The Superjet 100: a commuter aircraft with a strong international outlook

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 made its first commercial flights sporting the colours of Armavia, Armenia’s leading airline. The event marked a key milestone for this commuter aircraft equipped with a SaM 146 engine developed jointly by Snecma (Safran Group) and NPO Saturn.

A major event took place at Erevan's International Airport in Armenia on 21st April 2011: the Sukhoi Superjet 100 commuter aircraft standing on the tarmac was the first production aircraft to be delivered to an airline. This new generation aircraft is equipped with a SaM146 engine developed jointly by Snecma (SAFRAN Group) and the Russian aircraft engine manufacturer, NPO Saturn, under the PowerJet joint venture created to undertake this programme. The partners took joint responsibility for the entire propulsion system with Snecma being in charge of the hot sections of the engine, its nacelle and its overall integration.

A reliable, high-performance engine
"By the beginning of July, the Superjet 100 had already touched down at twenty-two international airports logging a wide range of altitudes and configurations in various different countries (Russia, Syria, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Greece, Iran, Lebanon, Italy and France). All this with an engine reliability rate of 98%: a remarkable figure for the beginning of its commercial operation", enthuses Benoît Ricateau-Dupuis, Sales Director for Snecma´s Commercial Engines Division. The SaM146 was certainly designed to offer excellent reliability and low ownership costs. "The engine draws on the wealth of experience gained by SAFRAN on the CFM 56, with work on the different versions of this adding up to more than half a billion flying hours", adds Benoît Ricateau-Dupuis.

International ambitions
The second airline to operate the Superjet 100, Aeroflot, which ordered 30 models, took delivery of its first aircraft on 6th June this year.
While it was to be expected that this aircraft should embark on its commercial career in countries neighbouring Russia, its profile has already convinced buyers on other continents: Interjet, a Mexican company, ordered 15 jets, and Blue Panorama, an Italian carrier, also placed an order for 12 models during the recent edition of the Paris Air Show held at Le Bourget. This new generation commuter jet looks set to quickly reach commercial cruising speed around the globe.

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