Morpho and Telecom ParisTech launch a joint research center: the IDentity & Security Alliance

Paris, April 20, 2011

Morpho (Safran group) and French engineering school Telecom ParisTech (part of Institut Telecom) recently launched a collaborative research center, the IDentity & Security Alliance (The Morpho and Telecom ParisTech Research Center), to address the technological challenges of identity protection and data security. The inaugural ceremony took place on March 31, 2011 and brought together key persons from the business and scientific worlds.

As its name suggests, the IDentity & Security Alliance will have an international scope and will focus on developing and enabling next-generation identity-based applications while guaranteeing security and privacy. It aims to build a scientific knowledge base covering research topics such as biometrics, IT security, cryptography, components security and identity management systems. Projects will be based on a mutual exchange of research and technology expertise, involving researchers from both Morpho and Telecom ParisTech. The IDentity & Security Alliance will be co-directed by Vincent Bouatou, Deputy Director of Research and Technology at Morpho and Gérard Memmi, Head of the Networks and Computer Science Department at Telecom ParisTech.

"The inauguration of our IDentity & Security Alliance research center is a major milestone marking the long and fruitful history between Morpho and Telecom ParisTech" highlighted Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairman and CEO of Morpho. "It reflects our commitment to advancing research and development, which is a key driver for innovation. We look forward to starting this new technological partnership and expanding our research efforts with Telecom ParisTech."

"Security is indeed a major challenge in today's digital world," said Yves Poilane, Director of Telecom ParisTech. "By combining the expertise of Morpho, a world champion in this field, and Telecom ParisTech, a specialist in hardware and software security, this joint lab will help maintain French leadership. I would just like to add my best wishes for its growth and success in becoming an international benchmark in this sector."

To date, three doctoral projects and two government-funded collaborative research projects are already underway within the research center.


About Morpho
Morpho, a high-technology company in the Safran group, is one of the world's leading suppliers of identification, detection and e-document solutions. Morpho is specialized in personal rights and flow management applications, in particular based on biometrics, a sector in which it is the world leader, as well as secure terminals and smart cards. Morpho's integrated systems and equipment are deployed worldwide and contribute to the safety and security of transportation, data, people and countries.
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About Telecom ParisTech
Telecom ParisTech prepares graduates to become the innovators and entrepreneurs of the digital world. The leading French engineering school in Information and Communication Science and Technology (ICST), Telecom ParisTech offers courses combining high scientific standards with stimulating teaching methods in this wide-reaching field that is a key factor in rapid economic growth. The school has developed a unique innovation ecosystem based on the interaction between its courses, research centre and two business incubators. Telecom ParisTech is part of Institut Telecom, a leading European player for higher education, research and innovation in the field of ICST, and is a founding member of ParisTech, a network of the twelve most prestigious Grandes Ecoles in France.
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