Students are discovering the Safran group

Towards the end of March, forty or so students from the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris, the Ecole Nationale des Techniques Avancées and Paris I University visited the site of Hispano-Suiza (Safran group), located at Colombes in the Paris region. Caroline Diebolt, in charge of higher education relations and the Safran employer brand, gives explanations.

What was the program for this visit?
Following a full tour of the site, the 40 or so students present were able to chat with the young engineers who work for the component supplier. The afternoon was devoted to the More-Electric Aircraft, one of the Group's major development programs, with a presentation of "Safran Power", one of the operational entities the most involved within this program, and a visit to the Copper Bird® test rig with a look at the power transmission tests.

What is the framework of these company visits, as organized by Safran?
Young graduates represent 30 to 40% of the 1300 people that the Group is looking to recruit in 2011. To achieve this objective, we strive to reinforce, year after year, our relations with the engineering schools and universities. In 2011, for example, we set up a "Safran ambassadors" network, composed of alumni now working for the Group. They attend the various events organized in the educational establishments (professional roundtables, conferences, simulated job interviews, etc.) and meet the students to talk to them about the Group. They may also take an active part in certain lessons or in site visits. Already deployed in seven schools with which the Group has long-term partnerships, this network is due, over the coming years, to be extended to some 20 or more schools and universities.

What benefits do you expect to reap from this type of operation?
When targeted at first-year students, these visits provide the opportunity of an initial contact with the world of business and with the engineering specialties. The presentation of the activities and products of our Group may also guide the students in their choice of option or line of industry. With the older students, we are of course looking for direct returns in terms of recruitment, whether in terms of an end-of-study internship or a first job.

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