Recruitment: the Safran dynamic

<strong>In order to handle the ramping up of its new programs, Safran has launched a dynamic recruitment policy. We take a closer look at this in the company of Benoît Gosset, Head of the Group Management and Top Executives Department.</strong>

For 2011, Safran has adopted an ambitious recruitment plan. What are the reasons behind this?
This year, the Group is driving ahead with a number of new industrial programs. These include the engine for the A320 NEO, supplying the engines for the Chinese C919 aircraft and the biometric and cryptographic projects developed by Morpho. With new technological programs comes a heightened demand for high-level skills. In 2011 we therefore intend to recruit 1300 new engineering and executive employees, including 1000 for France alone. In all, this represents between 200 and 300 more recruits than last year.

What are the main skills profiles that you are looking for?
In the light of these new industrial programs, R&D profiles are what figure most prominently in our recruitment plan. Even if the "traditional" Group activity, based around mechanical engineering, is maintaining a high level of recruitment, skills in electronics are increasingly sought after, considering the omnipresence of "onboard systems" today. The 2011 recruitment plan also places the emphasis on the skills associated with facial recognition or fingerprint processing software.
These new skills are still hard to come by. They are likely to feature predominantly in our future recruitment drives. It should also be noted that, on account of increased supervisory requirements linked to the establishment of the new programs, the recruitment objectives for experienced individuals have been pitched slightly higher this year. Candidates with several years of experience should therefore represent 60% of the posts to be filled, compared to 40% for young graduates.

What are the assets that can help the Group achieve these objectives?
In 2010, Safran overhauled its Group and top executives management set-up, so as to enable the pooling and coordination of recruitment initiatives to the benefit of all its subsidiaries. We are counting a great deal on this new organization in order to win over our various target populations. Recruiting in the name of Safran will indeed bring into sharp focus two key Group assets: the global dimensions of its programs, enabling employees to work in an international context and to foster permanent relations with partners or clients from different countries with, for certain projects, the possibility of working abroad; and the numerous gateways that exist between its various lines of business.
Skilled personnel with backgrounds in software, electronics or composite materials will find ample opportunity to express themselves within the activities of Safran. Joining a group such as ours paves the way to career prospects in sectors as varied as aerospace, defense and security.

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