European certification for SMA SR305-230E diesel aircraft engine

Paris, February 7, 2011

The SMA SR305-230E diesel engine for general aviation, developing 230 shaft horsepower (SHP), was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on January 24, 2011. The SR305-230E logged 2,500 hours of ground and flight testing for this certification program. Based on the results of these tests, SMA guarantees Time Between Overhauls (TBO) of 2,000 hours, plus excellent dispatch reliability right from service entry, which is scheduled for early 2012.

"SMA is delighted with the announcement by the European Aviation Safety Agency. This success represents a major step forwards for this engine program. Certification of the SR305-230E by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States is expected in the coming weeks", said Thierry Hurtes, chairman & CEO of SMA.

Rated at 230 shaft horsepower, this engine was developed by SMA (Société de Motorisations Aéronautiques), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snecma (Safran group). It is designed for single- or twin-engine light aircraft.

As a diesel engine purpose-designed for general aviation applications, perfectly matching the needs of aircraft manufacturers and users alike, the SR305-230E sets a new standard in this market.

The SR305-230E diesel engine uses widely available Jet A fuel, which means that customers are no longer subject to the cost and availability restrictions of Avgas, and it offers performance fully equivalent to the best gas-powered engines in this power class now on the market.

With the SR305-230E, SMA clearly marks its commitment to the continuous improvement of diesel aircraft engines, in particular with unprecedented fuel savings of 50% in relation to gas-powered engines. The design of the SR305-230E also eliminates all lead emissions and ensures a low level of carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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SMA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snecma (Sfran group), designs, builds, sells and provides after-sales support for the SR-305 e, a piston aircraft engine running on jet A fuel. Its diesel technology (compression ignition) meets both the current and future concerns of the light aviation market. SMA's headquarters, Customer Support Department and manufacturing plant are located in Bourges (about 150 miles south of Paris). The engineering department works on the Snecma site located in Villaroche, south-east of Paris. SMA benefits from the expertise and methodology provided by the Safran Group for aircraft engine development.

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