Sagem to supply navigation systems for France’s new Suffren class nuclear attack submarines

Paris, Le Bourget, Euronaval exhibition, October 26, 2010

French naval shipyard DCNS has ordered Sigma 40XP inertial navigation systems from Sagem (Safran group) for the new Suffren class nuclear attack submarines, within the scope of the Barracuda program.

DCNS made its selection because of the Sigma 40XP's high performance demonstrated during sea trials conducted by the French navy using several different ships: the Monge test and measurement vessel, the Beautemps-Beaupré oceanographic research ship, and Rubis/Amethyste class nuclear attack submarines.

The Sigma 40XP navigation system calls on advanced technologies developed by Sagem, especially laser gyros and sophisticated digital filtering. Incorporated in the submarines' combat system, the Sigma 40XP will play a critical role in the success of all tactical missions, as well as navigation in close quarters and weapon systems, including the planned Scalp naval cruise missile.

The Sigma 40XP system draws on Sagem's long experience in high-precision navigation: Sagem already supplies systems for a number of surface vessels and submarines (conventional, air-independent and nuclear propulsion) deployed by more than 30 navies worldwide.

Sagem is also prime contractor for the DAS air-surface optronic and radar detection system on France's new Suffren class nuclear attack submarines.

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Sagem, Sagem, a high-tech company in the Safran group, holds world or European leadership positions in optronics, avionics, electronics and safety-critical software for both civil and military markets. Sagem is the No. 1 company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems (INS) used in air, land and naval applications. It is also the world leader in helicopter flight controls and the European leader in optronics and tactical UAV systems. Operating across the globe through the Safran group, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 6,900 people in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. Sagem is the commercial name of the company Sagem Défense Sécurité.
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