Aircelle’s NAIAD nacelle demonstrator is delivered for testing

Le Havre, France, October 5, 2010

Aircelle, has delivered to Snecma, both companies of Safran group, an advanced jet engine nacelle demonstrator to evaluate new technologies that could provide future enhancements in aircraft operating efficiency, along with lower noise levels, reductions in weight, and improved maintenance.

This nacelle – developed in cooperation with Snecma – is part of Aircelle's NAIAD (Nacelle Innovative and Acoustic Demonstrator) program, which was launched by the company in 2007. NAIAD's features include an all-composite laminar flow air inlet, advanced acoustic treatment on interior surfaces, and nacelle components produced with new manufacturing processes such as thermoplastic forming.

Aircelle delivered the full-scale NAIAD inlet in September to Snecma's facility in Villaroche where, later this year, the demonstrator will be tested. Follow-on outdoor testing is planned during 2011 at GE's Peebles, Ohio facility in the United States – continuing a long-running cooperation between Safran and GE in the jet engine and nacelle system sector.

"NAIAD is one of the largest research and technology programs currently underway at Aircelle, and it builds on the company's leading-edge experience that already has resulted in the introduction of all-electric thrust reversers and the use of highly effective acoustic treatment for jet engines nacelle systems that are in worldwide service today," said Eric Masse, the Vice President – Engineering at Aircelle.

Testing of the NAIAD nacelle at Villaroche and Peebles will be made with the MASCOT engine, which is a full-scale demonstrator for the LEAP-X powerplant under development by CFM International – the joint venture of Snecma and GE.

The NAIAD program is part of Aircelle's large-scale technology roadmap focusing on engine nacelle advances that include the use of electric anti-ice, a greater application of composite structures, and improvements in manufacturing processes.


About Aircelle (
Aircelle is one of the leading players in the worldwide nacelle market for aircraft engines. A subsidiary of the Safran group, it employs nearly 3,000 people on seven sites in France, the United Kingdom and Morocco.
Aircelle is the only nacelle manufacturer in the world present on all the market segments, from regional and business aircraft to the largest airliners, including the Airbus A380. Aircelle also is developing the worldwide customer support and service activity for nacelles and their components.
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