Morpho Detection Handheld Trace Detection Technology Used by TSA Field Teams in New Orleans Pilot Program

Newark, Calif. – Sept. 14, 2010

Morpho Detection, Inc., part of Morpho, Safran group's security business, today announced it has provided MobileTrace® and Hardened MobileTrace® systems in support of a recent Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pilot program that tested the application of mobile advanced explosives detection technology solutions. The field pilot took place at surface transportation sites in and around New Orleans, including a major interstate bus station, as well as ferry and cruise ship terminals at the Port of New Orleans.

The MobileTrace devices were selected for this pilot program because of their portability, ruggedness and track record of success in extreme environmental conditions. Proven with deployed military units and at border crossings, airports and other critical security checkpoints around the world, MobileTrace is a product designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements of detection teams in the field. Designed to be lightweight yet durable, and with batteries that can last up to eight hours, MobileTrace handhelds provide threat detection results in about eight seconds.

"Morpho Detection is pleased to support TSA with our highly portable MobileTrace systems," said Dennis Cooke, President and CEO, Morpho Detection, Inc. "MobileTrace, already proven in a variety of challenging field environments, is well suited to helping protect a range of transit venues. The versatility, rapid analysis time and portability of MobileTrace all combine to make it a potentially important resource for protecting our nation's ports, borders and transportation systems."

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About Morpho Detection, Inc.
Morpho Detection, Inc., part of Morpho, a business of the Safran group (PAR: SAF), is a leading supplier of explosives and narcotics and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) detection systems for government, military, air and ground transportation, first responder, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations. Following Safran Group's 2009 acquisition of GE Security's GE Homeland Protection, Inc. business, Morpho Detection integrates computed tomography (CT), Raman Spectroscopy, trace (ITMS™ technology), X-ray and X-ray Diffraction technologies into solutions that can make security activities more accurate, productive and efficient. With industry-leading products such as the Itemiser® DX trace detection system, the CTX line of explosive detection systems (EDS), and the StreetLab® Mobile hand-held chemical and biological substance identification unit, Morpho Detection's solutions are deployed to help protect people and property in some of the most important and sensitive world locations.

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