Safran launches exciting new ad campaign

Safran is launching its brand-new advertising campaign during the Farnborough air show in Britain from June 19 to 23. Marking a break with previous ads by our Group and in our sector, this campaign is based on a unique illustrated alphabet that reflects Safran's mastery of high technology. The campaign will be visible on large billboards in train stations and airports used by show visitors, in the press (business and trade magazines) and on Internet banners. And it will continue to be published throughout the year in the aerospace trade press. We asked Pascale Dubois, Safran Vice President for Communications, to share her insights.

Safran's new ad campaign is built around an "alphabet" based on the products and areas of expertise of Group companies. Could you explain this choice?

The main idea is to show the diversity and unity of our Group. Safran comprises a number of companies that share the same passion for cutting-edge expertise in our three core markets of Aerospace, Defence and Security. What does an engineer working in the United States on airport security systems have in common with another engineer in France who's designing tomorrow's airplane engines? In short, a passion for high-technology, precision, expertise... Using this alphabet, we illustrate the language "spoken" by the 55,000 men and women working for Safran around the world.

What is the aim of this ad campaign?

Communications at a group like Safran are primarily "Business to Business", and this campaign will give our customers a better understanding of Safran. It is designed to establish our distinctive difference, with the primary aim of enhancing our Group's recognition. For more than a year now we have scored a number of significant business wins, along with other positive developments. So the time was ripe to launch a campaign that would make a striking impact, provide a rallying point for all employees and spotlight our new logo and visual identity.

It's also a campaign that seems to be voluntarily "offbeat", compared to the usual ads in the sector…

It is in effect an original approach in our business sector, one that is designed to establish our difference and reflect our goals. In terms of differentiation, we chose to emphasize our expertise rather than the products themselves. And it reflects our goals because the words chosen as illustrations and the accompanying body copy spotlight our core values. For example, when we talk about "passion", we make a firm commitment to our customers and to our employees, both present and future. Looking forward, we could even adapt this campaign as a recruiting tool.

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