Aircelle receives Gulfstream Aerospace’s “Supplier of the year” award for the fifth consecutive year

Le Havre, France, July -6, 2010

Aircelle's supplier excellence has been recognized for the fifth consecutive year with a Gulfstream Aerospace "Supplier of the year" award for flight control spoilers that equip the Gulfstream G450 and G350 business jets.

The award was presented to Aircelle managers at Gulfstream's international supplier conference, which was held on June 7 at the aircraft manufacturer's home city of Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Aircelle's spoilers were rated as excellent in all categories measured by the Gulfstream reporting system for suppliers: quality, reliability, delivery, total value chain cost and after-market support.

The flight control spoilers are installed on upper wing surfaces of the G450 and G350 business jets, and are deployed to reduce lift. A set of spoilers consists of six such devices per aircraft, with three incorporated on each wing. Aircelle has been supplying the flight control spoilers to Gulfstream since 2001.

Production of the spoilers is carried out at Aircelle's Burnley facility in England, using a high-speed machining process. The spoiler is built with aluminium skins, which are bonded in place.

"We are pleased to have been selected for this recognition by Gulfstream Aerospace, which is known worldwide for the quality and performance of its business jets," said Aircelle Chairman and CEO Vincent Mascré. "The award underscores Aircelle's commitment to supplier excellence across its product line, and I congratulate everyone at our Burnley plant for their excellent team effort."

Aircelle is a leading player in business aircraft equipment. In addition to spoilers, the company supplies thrust reversers for Gulfstream business jets. Its thrust reversers for the Rolls-Royce BR710 engines were introduced on Gulfstream's GV, and they now equip the Gulfstream 500 and 550 aircraft.


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Aircelle is one of the leading players in the worldwide nacelle market for aircraft engines. A subsidiary of the Safran group, it employs nearly 3,000 people on seven sites in France, the United Kingdom, and Morocco. Aircelle is the only nacelle manufacturer in the world present on all the market segments, from regional and business aircraft to the largest airliners, including the Airbus A380. Aircelle also is developing the worldwide customer support and service activity for nacelles and their components.

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